Monday, February 2, 2009

Couponing 101-Lesson #1

So many of you have asked how I feed 5 people on $30-$40 per week, including my household items, hygene items, etc. I have compiled a list of short lessons to get you on your way to effective couponing strategies. Our first lesson: get prepared. You will need to gather a cloth zippered 3 ring binder, a package of baseball trading card holders, dividers with tabs, scissors, a calculator, pen, and notepad. This will be essential for organizing your coupons. Buy at least one sunday paper and pull out the coupon inserts. Divide your binder according to how your main grocery store is laid out, ie produce, salad toppings, can goods, dairy, etc. Clip all of your coupons and place them in the baseball card holder sheets in their respective category. Stay tuned for more lessons, beginning tomorrow. Have fun clipping!! :)

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