Sunday, January 18, 2009

Smaller Apples=more bang for your buck!

Ah...the produce section of your local supermarket...just filled with yummy healthy foods. But the pricing can send you into a "brain spiral", especially if you are shopping on a frugal budget. Unlike foods on the shelf that are labeled price per ounce, produce is only labelled by the pound or by the item/sack. As a parent of young children, I have learned a very valuable lesson in buying fruit, specifically apples. At my local Kroger, there are larger apples, priced by the pound. These generally run about $3.99 per pound or so. On the other side, you can buy a bag of smaller apples, priced by the bag. My last BAG of apples cost $3.49 for the whole bag-about 15 small apples. And, since they're smaller, your children can eat the whole apple, thus reducing waste. Your older children can fit the smaller apples into their lunch bags and still have room for their sandwich and pretzel sticks. My point? Buy the apples by the bag! You come out so much cheaper and your kids are happier!

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